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Originally Posted by Das.Euro View Post
Dtc100- I have been talking about you wanting to be as fast as a 335.. You said power/weight ratio will yield you there . And I have been saying powerband and gearing is another major role , where did I say my car is different? I never have once mentioned my car here , I didnt buy it for performance otherwise I would of bought a 335 or m3. Good bye! I can't help someone of your nature as I stated earlier . Just go read all my posts and anyone here will vouch I know WTF I am talking about .
If you cannot even start talk serious about your points such as why the powerband is important, or why the gear ratio is important, and to what degree they are so important that power to weight ratio is not so important, then I will have to call you bluffing.

I actually know the issues of powerband and gear ratio a little, but I thought you had more experience and was willing to hear from you to tell us more, if you refuse to offer, that is your right. You should not have brought up the issues of powerband or the gear ratio in the first place if you had no intention to explain to us why.

I have proof from our own member's 1/4 mile test, after he did the intake mods, he had improved his 1/4 to within reach of a STOCK 335i, he did not even do the light weight wheels and tires yet. Now the problem is as I said over and over, me providing you with data is useless, you keep asking for proof, but as soon as I provided to you, you just ignored them and moved on to some other subjects, or simply argued those data were no good.

One cannot possibly have a meaningful debate if his opponent takes such childish attitude.

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