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Originally Posted by user1 View Post
If they just installed 25.04 ask if they did anything special to get RTTI working. Seems the problem being experienced with cars similar to yours are a loss of RTTI, not VR.

Some 335 owners have thought RTTI was working because they see a TI on the screen. But without the plus symbol you may find RTTI isnt actually working. Fooled my dealer and at least one person on these boards. Checking the traffic info screen for messages is the only way to see if you really have working RTTI. Dont believe the TI symbol.

Looking forward to your update.
So I got my car back and noticed the following:
1. VR works (Mine is a 335i sedan 9/06 production picked up on ED 11/1)
2. RTTI does not work. I see TI and no +. The Traffic Info screen either says "No messages" or is stuck at "Transferring data"
3. Here is the really weird thing. When I picked up the car, I saw the little exclamation mark on the display and idrive complaining about moonroof anti-trap function being deactivated. I picked up right at closing time so I couldn't go back in. I was mad coz I had particularly called my SA an hour before I went to pick up my car and had asked him to check everything and this must have been obvious. Anyway the sunroof was behaving weird - it would move only up and down (not front or back) and only in increments. Also when moved down it would go below the level of the roof!

Anyway I did some searching and found this:

I did not have to do the whole procedure - i just had to hold onto the sunroof button like keep pressing it like I wanted it to tilt and after 20 seconds the system just reinitialized itself - sunroof opened fully and then closed. Now everything seems to work. I still have to try the pinch protection though (tomorrow morning).

One other cool thing I found was I can now cycle to AUX using my steering wheel buttons. I remember distinctly that I was not able to do that before.

My work order copy says:
"Performed bulletin 84-61-06 programmed, vech(ile) aborted first programming reprogrammed CA DSC KOMBI BO CCC-A AMP Calibrated DSC control module initialized steering angle sensor, cleared all fault memory."

How do I tell what version I got? of course I got the new graphics, POI search etc. and VR works for me.