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Originally Posted by aretardedorange View Post
335i N54>328i N52. SHUT UP ALREADY!. If you wanted a turbo car or a fast car should have gotten a 335i. HPFP issue can be solved with aftermarket fuel pump.

NO WAY IN HELL can you make a 328i as fast as a 335i with bolt ons.

Stop the fighting. Lets all make <3.

DTC100 and Das.Euro..shake hands and be friends. K time to sleep.
If you cannot read, then go back to school and learn, before making stupid comments like that.

I never said a modded 328 can beat a modded 335, but a 328 driver can spend around $2k to mod his 328 to bring its speed to the level of a STOCK 335 (how many times did I have to say that for you stupid to see?), save that extra $5k, and not having to have gone through the HPFP and other crap.

Do you know that because of the HPFP issue, 335 is rated at the very bottom of the reliability scale and that can really hit its resale value hard? Personally I hope BMW find a permanent fix soon so our good 335 owners can enjoy all the goodies a 335 brings to them, without the crap, some day I might upgrade to a 335 too.