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Originally Posted by X5FX View Post
I understand that, but my point is POI is the most needed of all these fixes and worth going in early for...
The POI is better than no POI but don't get your hopes up that it is any better than your 8 year old garmin. I don't think it was implemented well. You still need to find the lowest level group before searching. In many cases you must guess at what group BMW has put your location before searching for it. And there are many ambiguous group names that locations can fall into. You can really tell POI was an afterthought and no user studies were done before creating the feature. BMW may understand its a poor implementation which is why they dont mention it in the bulletins or use it as a feature point in new iDrive marketing.
Originally Posted by fidozoom View Post
2. RTTI does not work. I see TI and no +. The Traffic Info screen either says "No messages" or is stuck at "Transferring data"
Most dealers & owners see the TI and think its all working. Definitely report this as broken first thing in the morning. The more reports the faster we will see an update/fix. It sounds like you have 25.00.04 but there is no way of knowing without asking the dealer.
Originally Posted by fidozoom View Post
One other cool thing I found was I can now cycle to AUX using my steering wheel buttons. I remember distinctly that I was not able to do that before.
I thought this may be broken. Before the v25 update my car would only cycle to AUX when something was plugged into AUX putting out a current. Otherwise the system seemed smart enough to skip AUX. Now it always cycles to AUX. I liked it the other way since I never use AUX - have the dealer installed iPod adapter.