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Some explanations for the doubters about and FSC you can buy there :
First: our site IS NOT FRAUD. I have good reputation in the world of BMW repair (see forums like and the like). And I don't want to lose it. All FSC we sell - valid and working (there are some complications in case then navigation function activated not by FSC for car (expensive method when you retrofitted CIC) but with CAN-filter (cheap, but not correct method), but we solve this problem in most cases.
Second: Why we don't use PayPal?
The only reason we don't use PayPal - PayPal doesn't allow russian citizens to RECEIVE money. We can have PayPal account, but we only can PAY with it.
See this link:
Russia is in the section "Send Money to Anyone in the Growing PayPal Network" allows us to receive money. They also require confirmation of identity and adress.
Third: Alll people wrote we are frauders, our FSCs are fakes etc. - never use our FSC at all or just envy us

If you have some questions: write me e-mail or PM.
I understand my words may raise doubts because I have only one post here (this one), but I had to give explanations for people, who probably want use our site, but maybe afraid something...

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