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Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster View Post
I'm going to back jmunro. At the 1m predrive, several of us that are forum members wondered among ourselves if Scott26 was present. At dinner I asked the direct question if Scott26 was present. Answer -No.

Another person then asked if Scott 26 is an insider that posts for BMW. This drew a ton of laughs. One of the M people went so far as to say that they don't know who Scott26 is, but that they'd like to meet him (lol) because a lot of his info is not correct. He did acknowledge that quite a bit of the info is correct but the recommendation was to take the info from Scott26 with a grain of salt.
100% agree about that.
I was referencing the unwarranted user-bashing on another post.

Probably my lack of caffeine speaking, but i just get so tired of all the hate on the bimmer forums.