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Oil Change @ 7500 miles- How Will CBS React?

I have a 2011 335i. I plan on keeping the car as long as I can (I know I'm asking too much out of a 335i, but stick with me here).

Therefore, I planned on making oil changes every 7500 miles. This way, I pay for one oil change, and BMW pays for the other one. While explaining this to a friend of mine, he asked if the "Oil Change Due In xxxxx miles" would get reset when I change it at 7500 miles.

I didn't have a good answer for him. He does raise a good point- if I change oil at 7500, wouldn't the CBS note the oil change and reset it back to 15000 miles? Then I won't get BMW to pay for the next oil change after 7500 miles.

Can anyone please clarify this for me? Thanks!