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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Very odd. I recall reading early posts (before the release of the E9X M3) by SCOTT26 where he talked about going to various photo shoots and working on different BMW marketing events and tasks. I did not dig through those threads but I believe he explicitly stated he works for BMW. Perhaps he works for a company that works closely with BMW rather than directly for BMW.
I did not say anything about whom he worked for. Please don't infer more than I have written.. I am not bashing Scott26, nor saying he does not provide useful information, simply that one should take ALL of what he says as gospel truth. Review jmunros followup post 28 in this thread where he explicitly highlighted items that did not occur on the 1M. In the summary, about 60% of Scott26s post came to fruition. This is not to say that the items NEVER were to occur, or that the information was not factually correct at the time it was written. Much of what Scott26 reports is great info, and he appears to be a very good resource for this list.. however... people here also should not hang on every single word and expect that every single item WILL occur. I am sure that MANY design ideas come up as vehicles are being developed, but some make it and some are scrapped in the process.
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