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Originally Posted by jaybird124 View Post
My two biggest concerns are the DPF and the transmission.

The ZF box in our diesels is a wonderful unit but only rated to an input of 443 lb/ft of torque. Even on the lowest settings, these chips are greatly exceeding that. Even a little bit of slippage can eventually cause some big issues.
What's more, I'd be willing to bet no one is planning on changing their transmission fluid every 30-40k.

I'm not hating, I think the premise of the chips is sweet! Just wish there was more that could be done to reinforce the surrounding parts.
I'd like an "M" button in my car. Ok I need an extra push of power, push the button and its there. Turn if off when I don't need it and I'd be more than happy...

however power corrupts and once you get a little taste of it you want MORE!!! I don't blame you guys though haha.