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Originally Posted by Coolieman1220 View Post
post a review please and thank you! on the highway of course! vids too!

I've heard those older F series diesels give lots of problems. I know a guy who had a full tune on his and be blew a rod through his oil pan.
I bet he had an early Bully Dog tune, one of the more dimwitted products IMO.

The old 7.3L are pretty bullet proof (and loud as hell). The 6.0L (the one I have experience with) and the 6.4L (I believe that is the correct displacement) have been known to be problem children. I think they are good engines, and for the most part the problem engines are not getting the service that they need.

Everything in the modern diesel is related to everything else. For example in the 6.0L engine oil is used to pressurize the HPFP, which feeds the injectors, and there is a ‘module’ that controls the injectors. If one of those things goes bad (leaking oil in the HPFP, the problem that my truck had) it can kill one or more of the injectors, and screw up the module (I don’t know exactly what it does to the control module, I suspect it overheats it due to requiring a longer pulse). You have to keep your oil clean, you must use the correct oil etc or bad things that you would never expect can happen.