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Originally Posted by TheRox View Post
Although I feel the C-class looks like a cheap mercedes - small, dinky and not sporty; Every other car they have that is LARGE...E class onwards (S, CL, CLS, ML, GL, SL, SLS)....just looks plain GOOD because of that giant three point star.

Don't even argue this one; Mercedes (e class onwards due to size) gets respect because of that start, E class is downright ugly...but just ends up looking nice in person due to that giant star!!

And thats a good thing! Bimmer will never draw attention like a Mercedes.
..Yes, because your opinion is absolute and infallable.

Your use of the phrase "cheap merc" implies that the typical mercedes isn't

This is just one person's opinion, but the W204 I drove felt much more solid than the 3 series or the M3 that I've owned (not to mention the e90 328i loaners I've had). The driving experience is another story. The merc feels more like a luxury sedan with sporty intentions, the bimmers were sporty sedans with touches of luxury. There is some overlap as I know tons of guys who had a tough time deciding between an e90 and the W204. I'm sure those in similiar situations would have an easier time knowing that the updated C is going to have technologies handed down from the E class (attention assist, etc).

I've had a good amount of time behind the wheel of a 2010 E300 and a F10 528i when test driving both back to back for my mother-in-law... I was pretty disappointed by the experience. Going into the test drive, my bias was towards the bmw. But after driving both, the bimmer felt like it was reaching too far to attract mercedes owners - the steering felt very artificial and disconnected, and hte car itself lacked an "organic" feel of my bmws of yore. I actually preferred the steering of the merc! The E300 also felt more solid overall (not to mention had safety featured not offered in the bmw). I wanted to hate the merc, but it was hard to fault (same can't be said about the f10).

looks are totally subjective but I found a picture of a merc without the "huge star" it really that revolting?