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But why does the TSB state that its OK for dealers to use the 933 pump IF its in stock? I'm hoping that the combination of injectors, software update and this newer 446 pump fixes the issue for good.

The odd thing in my case is that only the injectors and software update are affected. I'm still on the original 881 HDP. I'm curious as to what the new ISTA/P 2.40.2 update fixes. Maybe its entirely related to how the injectors spray fuel.

Source: (see bottom of the page marked NEW)


Both parts numbers (P/N 13 51 7 613 933 and P/N 13 51 7 616 446) incorporate the same level of HDP quality improvements. If necessary, in order to expedite the repair time, you may use the P/N 13 51 7 613 933 from your center’s parts stock supply instead of ordering P/N 13 51 7 616 446 from PDC.