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Cool 335i Rough Idle After Cold Start-No Code

Just bought my 335i. 2007 CPO with 30k miles. Already been in the shop 3x: once for the battery, then for hesitation on acceleration that was caused when it was in the shop for the battery, and now for rough idle. It idles fairly rough for a few seconds after a cold start, then it goes away. Dealer said it was not throwing a code so they cannot fix it under the CPO. So WTF?? They DO see/hear the problem, but say their hands are tied. No code=no fix! Man, I love this car: the looks, the drive, the engine, but I don't understand the loyalty to BMW when they make such a piss poor product compared to the Japanese. BMW really needs to step up their reliability, big time. I was hoping this would be my long term, classic toy for the next 5-7 years or longer, but its getting traded before the CPO expires. Maybe sooner than that.