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Originally Posted by sf_loft View Post
Not to strike up another debate, but Car & Driver, Motortrend, and InsideLine have all mentioned that it wouldn't be fair to put up the XI against the S4. That is why all the head-to-head comparisons have been against the RWD BMW. BMW AWD is designed as foul weather aid, not a performance enhancing feature. Without sports suspension and the added weight, it will not be good on the results for the BMW. They chose performance oriented cars in each price range and an XI, sorry to say, is not going to make that list.

Yes the 335i coupe edged the S4 sedan by 3/10th's on the same track, but I can use your argument that it was not on the same day or same driver. Given that the S4 was tested on a cold February day compared to 335's in August

I'm surprised that the 135 finished 3 seconds behind the regular 335i. You would think that with the same power and lighter / smaller chassis it would do at least the same or best it.
complete BS.