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It means the battery has a low voltage reading. If you continue to leave your radio, lights, on etc while the engine is off, you risk draining it to the point where you cannot crank the engine.

So basically it's just warning you that you have just enough juice left in your battery to turn over your engine a few times.

It doesn't necessarily mean that your battery is bad. But draining your battery isn't a god thing either. As your battery drops voltage, the inside will corrode (I think it's corrode)and damage it self, decreasing the ability to hold a full charge.

Yes, but assuming I use the car under regular conditions (i.e., don't leave anything running after the car is turned off and I exit my car) and I see this warning, then it's probably good indication time to get a new one and definitely time to make sure I got jumpers in the car.

The more pressing concern is -- Will the car not start due to a bad battery before the idiot light begins to appear on my dash.