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Originally Posted by sf_loft View Post
How so? I'm not putting down the XI in any way. It's a great car, but there is a reason why journalists do not compare the 335xi to the S4 even though it is more inline in price compared to a RWD 335i.
journalists like autozeitung, kilometer magazine (who btw said it has a stiffer suspension than the Audi S4) and auto motor sport have indeed compared the 335xi to the s4. the 335xi also holds better laptimes than the 335i on the autozeitung test track.

look, I'm not saying xdrive is better than rwd i, or quattro... but for crying out loud if people would stop spreading BS about it being for "foul weather only" as if the bmw designers purposefully made it handle like a jeep wrangler - itis a bit much. It's a turbo awd sports sedan. It's not weird to compare it to another one. It may be slower but it's still worthy of comparison... even to see how much "slower" it is at driving levels each and every one of us on this thread are not close to capable of.