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Originally Posted by sf_loft View Post
FI runs better on cold because the air is denser. That's just power delivery, but a cold track surface and not having the right tire compound can seriously affect traction on cold days. We will never know the answer because what the cars were outfitted with and the temperatures are not publicized. I'm not arguing what the outcome might have been because it's pointless to argue over 2/10 of a second. Kayani_1 and I have had a history where he and I argued over 6/100th of a second and that is why I made the comment and threw a wink.
It seems to me that warming tires wouldn't be too difficult on a hot lap. Keeping the air cold would be a bit more difficult. It was 51 degrees in SoCal on my way home from work and my car felt amazing. It was a very fun drive home from work.

Bottom line is if all these cars aren't driving on the same day, same second, same tire pressure, same every single thing then everyone is going to point out the flaws. I think that's BS.

I like Top Gear. A time is a time and if your the fastest then your the fastest unless it is a wet lap (which they even compare). It will never be identical so take pride (or sulk) on the times that were posted base on this test. It isn't life or death.

I hope that sf_loft isn't trying to justify his purchase to all of us because I don't think any of us care. I have read too many posts where you are just trying to prove something about your Audi. I congratulate you on your purchase but there will always be a better car. Why fight so much about your saintly S4? There have been so many posts about you trying to prove how much better an Audi is that if you continue this sort of argument it actually tends to be counter productive. Good luck with your Audi vs BMW war!

Happy New Year's everyone. Drive safe, or better yet don't drive at all tomorrow.