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So I called the dealer service dept this morning to ask if adjusting the height of the driver's side headlamp was a simple task and if so, could I bring mine by or would I need an appointment.

Hold please..........

"This is Anthony. Do you have xenons?" Yes.

"Then you'll have to make an appointment. A technician needs to adjust them. It's not something that can be done routinely. It'll take the day, but we'll give you a loaner."

Then I come home, log on to E90post, and in under 10 minutes I have found this thread and performed the adjustment. This site is terrific! Although I'm a little concerned at "Anthony" over at BMW. How could he not know how simple it is? I know they deal with lots of cars, but before making the customer go through the inconvenience of bringing the car in and getting a loaner and having to go pick it up, one would think he'd be a little better informed. I'm thinking of going over and finding him and showing him how it's done. Eh, probably won't. He'd most likely think I'm an ass. But I'm very happy to know that the headlamps can be adjusted so readily.
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