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Originally Posted by J Tyler View Post
Keep in mind, those times are with pro-level drivers. I don't know where you are as a driver, but whether or not you can match those times is not important IMHO....The important thing is that you have fun, be safe, and keep improving your own abilities. You can't expect to just magically squeeze 4 more seconds out of the car in one day because someone told you it can do it. Gotta take baby steps!

i feel ya. i've been to two track days at BW on a streetbike and one in a car. all three times got bumped to the advanced group per instructor request. couple month ago i was .5 seconds off my instructor by the end of the day. that was driving his car too haha. if i can scrub a sub 2:12 in a stock i'd be happy with myself.

i also have a camaro mustang challenge car, it's a 94 mustang thats basically done up minus the engine and trans. just been putting money in other places than it at the moment. hoping to get it on the track by the end of the year.

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