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Review of Chicagoland Dealers - Knauz, Motorwerks, Patrick, Fields and Perillo

I just picked up my e92 335 last week and wanted to share my experiences at various dealers around Chicago. I went to Knauz, Motorwerks, Patrick, Fields and Perillo.

Everybody is probably going to have a different experience at each dealership and everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion. The point of this thread is to share my personal experience, nothing more. You can draw your own conclusions.

Background - I am an experienced car buyer, I have owned 5 cars and this was the 4th car that I have purchased myself (02 Civic, 03 Jetta, 05 A4, 07 335). I am a 28-year-old self-made software consultant with above average negotiation skills. I look a lot younger than I am so I sometimes question how seriously some people take me when it comes to buying a car.

Myself and three other people were buying these cars so whoever made us happiest was going to sell 4 335 coupes. We wanted to pay $1000 over invoice, not a penny more.

Knauz - Nice facility, friendly client advisors. When I walked in I was immediately asked if I needed help and was taken seriously. I was able to take a test drive by myself and was given an iDrive demonstration on another car in the showroom. I was offered $1000 over invoice on a sedan but they would not budge off MSRP on the coupe. $4000 in profit is better than $0 in profit.

Motorwerks - maybe if I had worked with Irv Robinson things would have been different, but the CA I worked with seemed very disinterested with me. He was very reactive and not proactive. Seemed like more of an order taker rather than an advisor. He never returned my phone calls and is no longer there.

Patrick - everything was done over the phone, but the CA was very aggressive and assuming. I gave her the specs on our cars and she got back to me with pricing and immediately wanted us to fill out credit apps only offering $500 off MSRP. They were not willing to negotiate and when I countered their offer she said she would have to talk to her manager and I never heard back.

Fields - I love their promise of an excellent customer experience. I walk into the showroom with a friend who is also purchasing a car and we walk around the floor checking out all of the cars. There were at least 4 or 5 client advisors just standing there surveying the clientele. We were in there for almost 30 minutes, and not a single person came up to us. We stood there and watched everyone else in the showroom get approached besides us. We just walked out after that. Never assume anything about a person that walks into your store.

Perillo - GREAT experience, this is where we ended up getting our cars. Pricing was set at $1000 over invoice from the get go. My CA was very friendly and knowledgeable and I felt I could trust him. There were NO unexpected surprises from the day I put down deposit to the day I took delivery. They delivered on everything they promised - deposit, price, delivery date, interest rate, you name it. My order was 100% accurate. They promised it would be the easiest car buying experience I have ever had and it was. My CA did my delivery on his day off. I got a thank you call from the owner just 2 days later.

They recognized the value of taking a smaller profit on higher quantity. They have established 4 loyal clients and the residual business, referrals and positive reviews/feedback.

Great Job Perillo

If anyone would like to work with my CA feel free to send me a PM.

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