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Originally Posted by Kayani_1 View Post
From (Full feature, with test lap videos)

Even when compared to the in house M division cars its lap times are better then the Z4M and nearly match those of the mighty 507 hp M6 coupe. To me this car is a bargain performance machine. I am so glad its parked in your humbles garage.
Thanks for the link. I do think your comment above, presented as an all-emcompassing discourse of the two cars is inaccurate, just basing it on C&D.

On this topic, this is the only place it seems where the 335i apears faster and the lap times are not from the same session or same drivers, etc so really a bit incomparable. Using the same logic, on Nordschleife, the 335i ran a 8:26 (Source: Fastest Laps) to the Z4M's 8:12 (Source: CAR) and it has lost on most other times I've seen on fastest laps:

Further, C&D have never been able to extract a meaningful result of the Z4M and while arguing it is due to bias is a useless argument, it is also supported by the Top Gear test time where the Z4MR has a very quick time. Many of the US mags never even got the kerb weight of the Z4M right when comparing to the Cayman S due to different reporting standards used. As a purely subjective comment, I believe C&D dislikes the Z4M and loves the 335i (and I own both); why I don't know as many other publications have praised the Z4M, especially the Europeans.

In my track days, the only time a (modified, stock are not an issue) 335i comes close to me is getting out of corners due to the torque advantage.

Lastly, the Z4M is crippled (stock) with shitty tires and the CDV which makes shifting harder.


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