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Originally Posted by Kayani_1 View Post
Track 335i Coupe Z4 M Coupe
Hockenheim Short 1:17.80 1:17.20 (small advantage Z4M)
Balocco 3:02.49 2:56.67 (small advantage Z4M)
Serres Racing Circuit 1:35.25 1:36.20 (small advantage 335i)
Thanks for the quotes.

There are others where the advantage to the Z4M is not as minor, see my post above. In the majority of tests, it appears the Z4M is faster and this mirrors what I have personally seen on the track. 135i''s seem to be faster than 335i's (generalising on cars).

This is all with the Contishits BMW chose to cripple the Z4M with. It is not at all a hard car to drive. You just have to learn it like any other car where the responses are not dumbed down for you. I.e. a real "sports car" vs. a "sports coupe" or "sporty car". I think that impression has come from one review and then regurgitatied throughout the internet by those who have never driven the car to the limit.

To digress mildly, I recently almost bought a M3 Coupe, but after several back to back drives with my Z4MC, kept the Z4MC. I will upgrade it with something that is a significant upgrade. My 335i is far from it and the E92 M3 is not it.
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