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I spoke to Roy @ ca-automotive yesterday regarding having my 335 (petrol) re-mapped.

He said that no one in the industry (as far as he knows) has the correct equipment to correctly log into the cars ECU.... although he said that try again in a few months time, by which time hopefully they would have cracked it.

Figures.... He guessed at about a 40-50 bhp increase (350bhp ish) anymore than this and he would question if the brakes and other parts are up to the job (apparently 335D's have been braking parts in stock form).

Price... between £600 and £700 + vat. (not cheap)

I questioned him about DMS's claims (who are the the unit next door to them). DMS are quoting 385bhp (correct me if im wrong) but in order to achieve a 78bhp increase they just turn up the turbo boost and increase the amount of petrol injected throughout the entire rev range, I was told the correct way was to individually map the ECU at _300rpm intervals increasing the petrol intake and boost pressure accordingly to achieve maxing output without putting the engine at risk....

but as far as I know DMS offer a full warrantee with their work, so as long as that is bullet proof then a re-map to 385bhp shouldn't be a problem... also from what I've heard, DMS have a very good reputation for re-mapping high end performance cars and you don't build a reputation like that by just whacking up the boost pressure and charging £1000 for it...

As yet I haven't heard of anyone that's had their 335 petrol re-mapped this side of the pond, and im dammed if im going to be the first....

If anyone out there knows of a chipped 335 petrol please let me know....