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Originally Posted by chris719 View Post
Judging by the results, VIR is somewhat of a power track and the cars with short wheelbases did not do all that well (except the Boxster/Cayman, which is known to have friendly behavior at the limits). It's likely that their drivers did not have a lot of time with each car and may not have been able to get the most out of some of the cars.

Z4M with stock Continentals has strong understeer but also is very tail happy, it should have never left the factory with a 6 year old tire design @ 225 in the front.
While we're on the subject, NO BMW should leave the factory with 30mm narrower front tires (than its rears). Every Bimmer I've driven that went to a square setup was so much nicer to drive than the already well sorted stock setup.

I'm surprised they were so slow in the 135i, I've driven lots of 335s and now I have a 135i and to me, the 1 is just as easy to drive as a 3, it just has a stiffer suspension setup and a little less weight. Oh, and the brakes are hugely superior on the 135i that's the first thing everyone notices when I let them behind the wheel.

The videos for this article were great.