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Originally Posted by secretsquirrel View Post
I'm about to flush the MTF in my car. Does anyone know how much fluid is required? I've searched, but I didn't find the information easily.


There really should be a sticky for the following:
recommended oils
amount of oils
recommended tranny fluids
amount of tranny fluid needed

I'd use OEM BMW fluids. Not Red Line, Royal Purple and so on. According to my Bently manual (if you don't have one, get one) it's MTF-LT2 or MTF-LT-3. Not sure, but probably differenct viscosity for temperture for your area? I have no problems shifting now with the fluids that came in the bimmer. I don't see how Red Line and similar will improve on that. OEM stuff is known to work and for things like this I am not messing with the program. Using the wrong fluid will ruin your transmission. I think Red Line did have some problems early on because their fluid was too much "lubricity?" which was being advertised as a good thing....and it wasn't sticking to the gearing enough...or maybe not getting inbetween the gears at all...and causing failure. I am not sure, but I am sure the BMW OEM stuff works fine. I know the OEM stuff some manufacturers use is garbage. Have read about first mod every Genesis Coupe owner does is change out the MTF.

Was guessing for servicing this would be......fill till the fill hole is overflowing like all the other cars I ever did this on. Looked it up on my Bently manual...and yeah, fill it till the fill hole starts to overflow. Manual says for a refill, this should take @1.5qts. Of course you'll need to jack the car up level and not just the front.