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making his own parts.

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Originally Posted by bmwpk View Post
Nice write up and excellent pictures. Do you think it is a good idea to bleed by turning the car on with the cap open? That is, top it off once done bleeding and have someone turn the car on and turn the wheel while you fill it up as it eats up more fluid. It should also bubble out air? I don't have a bentley manual but wondering what it recommends.

I did this in my e36 but now am thinking about changing my 330i's fluid. It makes a light noise when I turn my wheel at morning start. Thanks for giving me something to start with.
Thanks! I'm not sure if having the reservoir cap open while the engine running is a good idea because if it's anything like a honda ps system, the fluid in reservoir spins around like a tornado. (Think opening a blender while its making a smoothie).

But hey, I'd try anything to reduce the amount of air that's introduced in to the system. (might not matter thought as any air gets pushed out with force,)

btw, my steering feels much better (softer) after the change, with absolutely no noise.