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OK, i just installed the ms-8 into my HIFI system. The system is pretty much stock except for the tweeters which i have replaced. i thought this would be an interesting experiment since jbl markets this thing as to make the stock speakers sound great. I would say that it makes them sound much better, the sound is much more detailed and precise with the ms-8, however i think it is lacking since i do not have a center channel speaker. On some songs i am expecting more sound up around my head but its just not happening. Has anyone else started with no center channel then added one? How big of a difference was it? I am also a little confused after reading the posts about the oem center channel. technic has said that it is a coax, but it doesn't not look like one in the pictures, plus i see others added tweeters to theirs. If i need to buy one and add a tweeter i will probably just go with an after market speaker. Thanks for the info.