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Originally Posted by wagonmeister View Post
OK, i just installed the ms-8 into my HIFI system. The system is pretty much stock except for the tweeters which i have replaced. i thought this would be an interesting experiment since jbl markets this thing as to make the stock speakers sound great. I would say that it makes them sound much better, the sound is much more detailed and precise with the ms-8, however i think it is lacking since i do not have a center channel speaker. On some songs i am expecting more sound up around my head but its just not happening. Has anyone else started with no center channel then added one? How big of a difference was it? I am also a little confused after reading the posts about the oem center channel. technic has said that it is a coax, but it doesn't not look like one in the pictures, plus i see others added tweeters to theirs. If i need to buy one and add a tweeter i will probably just go with an after market speaker. Thanks for the info.
Glad to hear that the MS-8 makes a big improvement. I'm about to install it and it's good to know that there will be an improvement.

Regarding the center speaker, the OEM L7 center or if you use the the rear deck speaker from Hi-Fi are not coaxial, hence people adding a tweeter. However, I think the Indiv Audio one is coaxial. I will add a center speaker and I'm planning to use an aftermarket coaxial.