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Originally Posted by Jred22 View Post
It's looking like Nick's car is too good for me .
My options are as follows, both are about the same price, opinions appreciated...

1. Jet black/ black dakota leather. Prem, Sport. 60k miles, will have a non bmw warranty for 36 months, 36k miles.
The car is in great condition, 1 owner, serviced at the same dealership, better condition than most i saw with half the miles. I really like the jet black, would like to murder it out.

2. Tiag/ black dakota leather. Prem, Sport. 40k miles, CPO.
Haven't seen this car in person yet, 2 owners, carfax shows a crash but it obviously couldn't have been too bad if they CPO'd it a year later.
I'm okay with the color, i think it will grow on me, but i was more set on AW, or JetBlack.

So those are my options, like i said, they're about the same price. I'll likely be getting one of the two this weekend. Pour on the opinions.
The silver one sounds good and if it was CPO, then it probably got a bumper painted. My carfax will show a crash as well (I backed into a pole at 1100 miles). According to the dealer, to be CPO, it can only have a max. of one panel painted (and probably be under some monitary (sp) level of damage).

I'd probably rather have CPO over the 3rd party warranty. CPO is straight up BMW and if there are issues, there will be no question if the car will get fixed or not. There is something to be said about a car that's only had one owner and all the records are spot on. Tough call. I think the main issue is the HPFP which is obviously not a worry due to the factory warr. no matter what.

I'd really go over the CPO car with a fine tooth comb. Are either of these cars online so we can take a look?


EDIT: one more thing, if you can get some images or point us to what you're looking at, it's a good thing. Everyone here is passionate about these cars and know what to look for in a good BMW. I only really know about E9x cars but I know Gary has been around BMW's all his life and is also on his third E90x

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