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Originally Posted by Soni View Post
for full hood, full fenders and bumper, I think it will go over $1k
It also depends on the brand of car...

I know for the Panamera, the moment I said "Porsche" I would immediately get a quote for $1000 for the front bumper, and 1/4 hood + fenders; and the Panamera is not that complex an install.

The same job on my 335i was half that. I did end up finding someone who used the latest stuff from avery, and did it at a reasonable cost; ie. 1/2 that with a superior product and great installl, and cash

As far as whole hood goes, I like paint, I like seeing paint, so I prefer minimal clear-bra (1/4 hood, fenders, and bumper, bumper is a must); otherwise, a chip here and there on a 3 series never hurt anyone.

Even a Porsche, its there to be used -- run the thing into the ground over 10-15 years!

Nice car btw, looks cool.