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Originally Posted by BrianMN View Post
Part of me really thinks Tiag is a very dull or mom-ish color. It seems so bland, not stylish nor badass unless it's complemented with tint/wheels/trim/diffusor. So my vote goes for the Black one. Lower miles is good, and you can get a 3rd party warranty when the time comes. Black E92s sure look good too
I will be modding whichever one i get, matte black v710's (already on the e90), tint, matte grills, lowered, aero lip, just to start. The black one has the higher miles and the 3rd part warranty, the silver with the lower miles and the CPO.

Originally Posted by BSME90 View Post
I'm with Brian with the blandness of Tiag. However, it could be a good thing so your car isn't so attention-getting. Why are you not keeping your 335 e90?
Lease is up on the e90, and i'm falling for the looks of the e92. And i don't need the extra two doors.

Originally Posted by Nick.CBR View Post
I'd need to see pics of the black one.

How do these cars look when you look down the side? With the silver one, any panels not seem to match? No front plate holes (plus) and cold weather (plus). How are the tires on each one? Those run flats suck aside from the fact they won't go flat (they are expensive as hell as you know).

I can only speak for the black one, because i haven't seen the Tiag in person. The black one is in phenomena shape, a few little sratches as scuffs, and the interior is damn near flawless, you'd never know it has 60k miles on it.