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330i Stereo/Nav cuts out for a few seconds frequently after frequent use

Hi all,

Been reading here for a while but first post.

I recently bought a 2005 e90 330i sedan.

The drive has been wonderful but there is one issue that is driving me a bit nuts. It happened for the first time about 2 weeks after purchasing the car, when I was on a drive out of the city (about a 2 hour drive, mostly at speed of 120kmph). The CD I was playing froze for 2-5 seconds (the timer on the idrive screen actually stopped) and then would continue playing. From this point, it would continue to happen frequently (say every 30-120seconds) for the remainder of the drive.

From the next day onwards it was fine again for a few days, until I spent a large part of the day driving. It occurred again, and would continue to occur for the remainder of the drive/day.

It is still happening and seems to be related to either extended periods driving, or quick acceleration.

It happens on all CDs, from stacker or front console. It happens when listening to the radio. It also seems to happen to the Nav... with the current location disappearing for a few seconds. It is like the entire idrive system is cutting out.

It is also very hot weather at the moment where I live, in Perth - Australia.

Has this behaviour been observed before? It is a known issue? Any ideas what it could be?

Appreciate any responses.