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Sigh. I just think, ya know.... flu is flu. All this panic and bollocks does my swede in. DO get vaccinated, DO look out for the elderly and infirm, DO take care of yourself if feeling unwell.... but please, the so called 'epidemic' that happened previously (like chicken flu) is no worse than any other infectious disease or virus. A few hundred people have (and sadly always will) die from flu every year.

Fucking news could do a lot of good if they shut the fuck up causing panic and keep their reports focussed and relevant. I eat pig, cow and chicken if I fancy and despite having asthma, I'll be darned if I'm gonna claim a flu jab that a weaker person needs.

Grrr. Not sure what angers me about this, but illnesses have been around, killing hundreds of us every year, since time immemorial. Now we have names for them as though they are fucking pantomime villains. I say bollocks. Pharmaceutical companies are loving this kind of shit, and afterall who do you think 'discovered' the evil that is H1N1 anyway?