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I wouldn't worry about it unless you have an underlying health condition.

My little one goes to nursery and she got swine flu last year. I also got ill but didnt feel that bad. I didnt think anything of it until we got our daughter checked because of a persistent temperature, after about a week of calpol. Hers and my symptoms checked out for swine flu. Persistent temperature for over a week, the shits, tiredness, head cold feeling bit of aching etc. But to be honest it wasn't that bad at all. I kept going to work, didn't feel ill enough to stay at home and gave it to a colleague who has asthma who was quite bad with it.

The flu rates this year are in-line with seasonal trends it's just reported wrongly this year but for a reason. The gov. scraped the advertising schemes to save money, the ones that remind people how to stop the spread. So the media are doing a little bit of scaremongering just to try and prevent the spread.

Ask the guys in the hospitals but from what i've read we are around the expected number of cases or in-line with last year.