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Originally Posted by cdp1276 View Post
OK, so I got my car back today with a PuMA case results. Here is what they say, "Due to some issues with importing enabling codes in several E90's we need you to send us this CCC. We will import the codes and repair SVS functionality, then send the CCC back to you. Naturally, this would mean the vehicle will be without a CCC during the time it takes to ship back and forth and import codes (probably between 3-7 days).

I realize this isn't an ideal situation but it is our only solution at this time."

It ships to NJ for repair. I want to wait and see if they can fix this via software. Seems crazy to me to do this and I suspect I lose all my data on it or saved settings. Anyone else have different news for getting VR working again under v25.00.04?
what is a CCC?