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Originally Posted by Sirrus View Post
One other thing to consider is the source. I can hear a huge difference in the quality of "shimmer" between CD audio or lossless WMA vs 128/192 kbps MP3. After upgrading my speakers and adding the MS-8 I can also differentiate between 320 kbps MP3 and lossless.
Well I actually throught about this but never looked into it. I have been listening mainly from my ipod up to this point. After throwing a few cd's in there, it does sound better. It actually seems to sound better with cd's that i burned from itunes as well. From what i understand, the encoding should be the same. So either the ipod itself or its connection is causing the problem. The next question is, will i hear much difference between the itunes cd's (aac encoding) and the real cd or lossless wma?