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Originally Posted by pelichrons View Post
Im trying to read all these threads on upgrading my audio system.... and i have come to the conclusion that it is not worth it!

Please some one tell me something different. my last car was a piece of crap but at least i could rip out all the speakers and put a bad ass system within a couple of hours. And also i didnt have to worry about selecting the right depth of a speaker, i just picked the best ones and i was off.

If anyone has or can supply a link of a member who did a nice install with quality speakers and without spending $10,000 please post

i need some encouragement.... i need my music loud
That's just silly, man - unless you had a 1984 Ford F-150 with vent windows, your last car had speaker depth limitations too.

It's not a Honda, dude. Takes planning. If you don't do the planning and research, you may have crappy results (many do). There are plenty of links for many forum members who have done that. Some are our customers and some delved into the data and did their own systems.

I'm the wrong guy to reassure you, since loud is apparently your goal. We do SQ here, not loud so much. I think it's possible for far less than 10K USD or CAN, but hey, what do I know about loud?

I suggest you start a new thread and ask for advice, rather than jacking this thread, and then Ctuna in a fit of enabler frenzy will give you every link you could ever want.
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