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Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
Kind of a reverse idea to what most people are requesting but can you remap a diesel engine, not for speed, but to make it uber-efficient???

I'm particularily thinking about what improvements can be made on my wifes X3. It's a 56 plate 3.0d M Sport (pre-ED model), auto, got caught in the higher road tax bracket due to its emmissions before BMW quickly revised the xdrive model in Sept 2006. It's currently averaging around 27/28mpg (currently 27.1mpg).

I'm purely looking at improving the mpg - what sort of real-life gains do you think are realistic.
Yes, this is possible, by adjusting the open time of the injectors and optimising torque limiters we can develop ''eco'' mapping to improve MPG.

Improvments in economy vary, but 15% tends to be a realistic improvement, so if your 3.0D is returning 28mpg, we should be able to look at approx 32 - 33mpg once we have adjusted the software.