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Originally Posted by Carrera RSR View Post
Prices are rising weekly - exchange rate fluctuation, sourcing costs, labour costs, factory costs, shipping costs, oil/fuel, distribution.

I lost many margin points last year from increased costs in sourcing but consumers wanted cheaper prices!! All wholesalers/retailers are a being squeazed

January price rises have been on the cards for months. I said it before and I'll it again.

This isn't anything to due with being ripped off, this is the reality of inflation on most consumer goods. Get used to it in 2011
Absolutely. I sell food which isn't VATable, but have put a price rise through anyway as raw materials have shot up over the last 6 months. In some cases prices have gone up 40% - lamb is a good example of this. And Onions. Fat. Sugar. Wheat. Packaging etc etc.

Most punters complain about things costing too much, but if you look at the actual retail prices compared to 5 years ago, so many items are actually cheaper.