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Originally Posted by 1QuikWS6 View Post
'Before i purchased i contacted Dynavin directly and they referred me to Car Audio Craze and Trent specifically. After speaking with him he told me they have been dealing with Dynavin for about two years now and were one of the first Dynavin Authorized resellers in the US.

Just to be sure i did a google for "caraudiocraze trent" and came up with numerous things about their good service with the Dynavin customers.'

Well that's a different story then - looks as if you definitely did your homework!

Guess what I was told elsewhere is not tru then

Do you really think they would offer these units for less than the $699 under a GB?
Yeah i dont have $700 bones to toss around so i made sure i was getting something to show for it. Like i said they have helped me along the way with my errors or lack of knowledge and did send me a possible solution for the optical cables free of charge.

And yes i think if we got a decent group together ~10+ they wouldnt have a problem giving another $10-20 off and then maybe more if it got even bigger.

Also, for the AUX, i didnt connect my OEM aux and dont even know how it connects to the stock headunit so i cant be of much assistance. But you could easily do an RCA to 3.5mm female cable and run it to the center console and it would be comparable to stock! I didnt setup much extra as i only really use the radio, ipod, cd and nav.