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install part 2

Originally Posted by Cornekus View Post
Hello, I want to share with you my experience was with My car is a BMW X6 (E71) of 2009 which unfortunately I had the factory installed CCC system.
I saw in a friend car (BMW X5 E70) the CIC new system that I was very impressed.
BMW dealer did not want to do a retrofit for CIC and so I chose to do this alone.
I searched the internet and I came across the guys at
I buy the kit from them (is the same for E70) and received in 3 weeks (i am from Romania).
I managed to order from the dealer the rest of the parts i needed and i installed the new CIC in the car .
The guys send me all the info i need for a primary installation.
In the first 10 minutes i wanted back my old CCC.
After 10 minutes i saw that the new CIC is AWESOME and wanted to have all the systems working!! I asked for the coding.
Alex do the coding for my car. He is not so communicative like Vlad but he do the job via internet in the end, after we have some problems with my laptop.

The problems i have after the installation and coding are:

1. Voice control (option 600$) is in German.

2.The PDC don't work. You need to put aditional 2 sets of 8 wires in the car. This come from the back in the front of the car.You need to order a new part JBE BOX (the kit from don't include that) and cut some wires from the trunk.The old pdc module is not good anymore. Guys said that PDC will work after another coding of the new JBE BOX.

3.Back up Camera also don't work. They say will work after coding the new JBE BOx. Will see...

4. The last problem i have is i can't communicate with the guys like we communicate before (before i buy the kit)
They use a skype account and email. Via email is ok the reply come very fast (about 2-3 hours). Because i am from Europe i have a GMT +2 and they have GMT -5. There is a 7 hour difference.
Every time when i ask for help i do the things in the night in my location.This is not a problem but after you chat something via skype and stay in the car about 1 hour for a reply the thing become annoying.
I know they have many costumers but everybody need the same respect.
Now i have scheduled (with Vlad) a coding for Monday 11.01.2011. Hope i can do the install of the wires (PDC) and JBE Box till then.

Hope this is helping you if you want to do the retrofit. I communicate here the progress of my installation!
Today me and Vlad managed to code the car and resolve:
1.Voice control in english ok
2.Pdc working ok, after i instaled 2 sets of 8 wires from the back to the front of the car.

The remaining problem is the rear camera...i need to wait that they find a solution for that. In the first discution that i have with they say i need 2 wires instaled so my rear camera work.... This is not true yet. I wait for a solution.

Conclusion > If they don't find a slotion for camera the CIC instalation was to expensive and the pointless because of the money lost . I hope i don't need to buy a new oem camera because is about 600 usd ..(