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2011 Detroit NAIAS Wrap-Up and Press Conference

2011 Detroit NAIAS Wrap-up
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The first press days of the 2011 Detroit North American International Autoshow is now over and done. The BMW stand was somewhat non-descript relative to their usual digs at places like Paris, Geneva and Frankfurt. Despite this, BMW made a very strong showing with several new World Premiers, which were more then premieres in name only.

BMW 1-Series M Coupe: World Premiere
First and foremost has to be the BMW 1-Series M Coupe. This was the star of the BMW stand, the bright orange color, beefy bodywork and racy electronic logos did their jobs well, as nearly every passerby had to stop and take look at the BMW stand. Just from simply observation, we didn't notice any people disappointed at all, just the opposite, the majority of people were genuinly impressed and excited by this car.

Sometime after the tarp came off the car, photos and videos where snapped, BMW release across the board pricing for the 2011 models, including the 1M. The reaction to the pricing details has been just as fervent as the reaction to the car itself. Base price: $47,010

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BMW 6-Series Cabriolet: World Premiere
At first it seems a bit odd that this is the world premiere of the new BMW 6-Series. Didn't we just see this car in Paris? Well to be fair, that car was the BMW 6-Series Coupe Concept. That was actually a concept car that mirrored the production car very very closely. This is the actual production car, and its the Cabriolet. When we say final, we mean final, including final trim and wheel options. The car itself is just as stunning from the first concept cars which were released on the internet, and this car along with the 1M was able to draw a strong crowd among the often time blasť press corps.

The 650i Cabrio will be priced starting at 650i Convertible: $91,375 in the US.

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BMW 1-Series LCI: World Premiere
Yet another world premiere. Although on a much smaller scale. This is a simple refresh of the existing 1-Series lineup, termed an LCI update. Updates include revised headlight and tailight clusters which now incorporate LED, as well as new interior refinements and trims. New colors have also been added to the 1-Series palette including the beautiful Vermillion Red.

Pricing was also release today as follows!

128i Coupe: $31,825
135i Coupe: $39,925
128i Convertible: $37,475
135i Convertible: $44,675

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BMW 550i M-Sport
Whats a BMW stand without the top of the class 5-Series in attendance. This is the 407HP 5-Series with a full level trim, including the optional M-Sport package. No world premieres or anything like that, but a beautiful machine to look at none the less!

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The press conference introducing these models was held by Ian Robertson, member of the BMW board of management responsible for sales and marketing