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Originally Posted by twofast2s View Post
i got a free engine oil change on november for annual change, but my CBS still had few thousand miles left.
fast forward 2 month, i now have 2000miles left on my CBS, and my free maintenance was over just last month.
what do i have to do in this case? reset CBS? i know i don't have to change engine oil, but i also don't want to disrupt CBS. won't CBS kinda pointless in my case?

Since you and not BMW are now responsible for maintenance, it really doesn't matter. Since you had an annual change, it sounds like you aren't putting enough miles on the car to trigger a mileage based change, so simply change it once a year or every 8,000 miles, whichever comes first.

But I'd have the dealer reset the computer on your next change so that you can measure both mileage and time (it should be reset for a one year period, not two as is sometimes the case).