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Wink i-drive controller harness and CiC???

Originally Posted by Booster4075 View Post
Keep in mind that a successful retrofit (without a "hack") has not yet been done. It is NOT plug-n-play...yet. You may want to wait a few months to see a few people complete this (and how.) Ask your local friendly BMW dealer if they can program this retrofit FIRST. Its likely they can't.

I think a few people have jumped the gun on this retrofit...buying parts, etc.. and such. Don't even plan on doing this (right now) unless you are planning on helping with the research and evolution of this retrofit. Plan on it NOT working if you swap parts right now - Just changing parts WILL NOT WORK. (well, everything will work except for Nav and Voice control.) If you read back a few pages, you will see that as of now, the BMW programming computer at the dealership level (ISTA/P) will not even recognize these parts in non-LCI cars and you will have you change the parts back to the CCC. A few of us with the parts are diligently working & experimenting to try to get this retrofit going.

Believe me, there will be a summary of parts required (and all part numbers, when/if obtained) as well as a procedure. But for now, we are not there.
Hi Booster and everyone else working hard on this retrofit. I am new to this forum and I have been following your CCC retrofit and now I am more interested of going directly to this new CiC.

I have a non i-drive car now, but I have received my dashboard and I am almost ready to buy the CiC parts, but what it is unclear to me is that in your PDF for the ccc retrofit you said that you made your own harness for the i-drive controller, and for the ccc itself. May ask if you ever got the chance to change those harness for OEM ones? and if you did, may I have the part numbers? if not, can you please help me figure out what kind of wiring do I need to buy to make my own? and if possible more detail on the construction of this harnesses and the junction to the dashboard wiring??? thank you very much, and I know you did that almost three years ago, but anything that you can send my way would be awesome!

I want to apologize to everyone else if I am being disruptive with this post, but I have no idea how to send private messages yet... again I am a NOOB!!! hehehe.

Cheers and keep up the good work guys!