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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
So you are running the output of the Head Unit into the Hi Fi Amp .
So that would mean for it to sound better the Inputs have to provide a better signal . I thought I read some where that the Head Unit had 50 watts per channel which is more that the High Fi has, on all but the underseats. It looks like you would have wanted to run some of the speakers of that.
This is like increasing the gain on an aftermarket amp - it will sound louder while giving the impression that it is a "better" sound.

The reason that the Dynavin apparently sounds better than the OEM HU with HiFi low level outputs into the OEM amp is due to the Dynavin high level outputs into the OEM amp. It has nothing to do with having a better signal, just a much higher amplitude signal and current input.

If anything a low level signal is relatively cleaner than a high level signal by definition, as a low level signal is pre-amp.

The good news about this is that somehow the OEM amp can accept high level signals, but the bad news is that we do not know how much of that signal power it can accept and for how long before its input stage is burned out. So this is a crap shoot.