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Originally Posted by petrolheaduzman View Post
Hi There,

I just joined this forum and was looking into buying a 335i with the n54 engine. I finally saved up enough and am ready to buy my first car. So my question is that what are the common problems with these cars? Has the HPFP problems been fixed? Since this is my first car i plan on keeping it for until 250k or 160miles. Whats the typical life of the turbos? Should i look out for any diverter valve issues as i read that a lot of cars that run the air through the engine instead of a bov have a sludge manifold problems.

Also what are some reliability upgrades you guys recommend? (catch can system, bigger intercooler, bigger oil cooler) Whats the problem with putting a bov on the n54 engine?

I know these are a lot of questions, but since I am putting a lot of savings into this purchase and plan on keeping it for long I want to be sure, this will a reliable car for me. I have driven my friends 335i and I am totally hooked.

Thanks A lot for the future advice.
Other than the HPFP its probably no less reliable than anything else on the road. Having said that, this forum is where people who have had problems hang out so keep that in mind. There are only about 900 members here (way less than half active) and thousands of cars out there so its a very small percentage.