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Oil Changes on 335d

So I did my 7500 mile change / year now i'm about 3 months into that and am at 10k miles. I noticed the next change is 13500 miles later so at 20k miles or a year (September) I was wondering if any of you guys changed your oil halfway through or are planning to. at 6 months. I know diesels can burn oil which is normal (have never removed my dipstick, the checking procedure seems to be a little different then pulling and reading)

Does diesel oil get contaminated that earlier change intervals will be better? I love this car and want to keep it forever hence best performance for longevity.

Should I change the filter or no? Also what kind of oil? I know the dealer will use their oil so i assume i should use that same to keep the blend the same. Although I'd love to throw some nice amsoil in it.

any advice or open to discuss? thanks!