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For 160 miles - sure. For 160K miles, eh, like one post says, that's a lottery ride. Can't say I'd recommend a 335 as a 1st car or as your only car. I've owned 7 BMWs, 3, 5, 7, etc., all had problems, I'd never own a BMW without a warranty/CPO & I sell before it runs out. I had a seat malfunction in my 7 ... $11K repair ... for a seat. Anyway, you could get one with no probs, so far I'm 25K mis into my 335C and no issues for me, although the turbos rattle like something's going to fly off, the brakes clunk, it false starts sometimes & stalls, yada yada. But find a safer better handling vert with a manual & 300hp that can get 25+mpg. i love the car, but don't recommend it, I know that sounds funny, but I don't depend on it either.

But 1st car, saviing up long-time, etc., i agree with many on here, not your best choice But if you're passion can't be swayed, please go with a CPO/warranty - although some will argue, I strongly believe it's needed. Good luck & congrats on saving up like that, bro, it's not easy.
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