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hi all

been following this thread for a while with a lot of excitement, hoping i can add some cool features to my car.

i am in the uk and have an 07 e90 320d msport. im interested in unlocking these features on my car if possible:

- folding mirrors from fob
- digital speedo
- lights on when you lock/unlock the car

i had a question regarding the folding mirrors - for those of you who have successfully coded this, do you know if you already had power mirrors in place and a button next to the slider switch for adjusting the passenger and drivers side mirrors? been asking on the uk side and apparently if you have this switch next to the slider switch, then you can have folding mirrors turned on. but from the sounds of the messages on this thread quite a few people have been able to code this - just wondered if you had this button next to the slider?

i would of thought if you had folding mirrors you would of already known and had this switch? therefore is this an extra option that lets you have folding mirrors control from the fob?

hope that makes sense.