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honestly i have taken amost all the supps on the market..... all you need is a
1)good pre work out for a pump i take Jack3d and nano vapor (be careful with jacked long term use isn't good i took it for like 5 months every day i started getting nose bleeds) - i think i was the 1,3 dymethaline (spelled wrong)

2)good protien don't go crazy 100% whey gold standard is fine
3)amino acids... (i take Xtend watermelon is amazing)
3)you can get casien protien for when you sleep its a slow digestive protien

i also have taken many test boosters they work horible and i think injecting test honestly is safer because people have don't it for years an we know the results... a small dose of test i don't think is that bad.. only problem is where can you get it.. i wouldn't trust some guy at the gym i would only trust a doctor and last time i checked they don't give that stuff out easily.

eat healthy and ull be good. 1gram of protien per pound you weight

also you can only absorb like 30 grams of protien per every 2.5 hours

i used to live eat sleep and breathe this stuff, unfortunatly i own my own business i don't have the time to be as devoted as i was.. i eat out at resturants way to much now trying to get back into it...

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